SAY: "Love Never Felt So Good".
happy birthday vixx’s maknae hyuk
who has grown more in the two years
we’ve known him than i can possibly believe
and will forever be a baby in my heart ♡


♡ 한상혁 — [three words that describe myself] “Since I’m the youngest, “potential”, “smart” for getting 1st place in school, and absolute “faith” in the future as VIXX’s maknae. We will all turn out well.”

To the versatile and still growing maknae of VIXX, thank you so much for being an inspiration for so many people. As the youngest, you go through your own hardships as well, and we admire you for being so strong. Thank you for creating memories with ST☆RLIGHTS; it is an honor to be your nose.

Happy Birthday, Han Sanghyuk

Happy Birthday, Hyukkie!

[ep 42] hyuk’s katon! goukakyuu no jutsu

battle of the chickens (and chanyeol chicken wins! ^^)

lord thank u for ravi’s thighs amen

I see no difference - Baekhyun and mini Baekhyun

fanning the artwork

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